Matthews Range

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Matthews Range
Lenkiyio Hills
Matthews Range is located in Kenya
Matthews Range
Highest point
Elevation2,688 m (8,819 ft)
Length150 km (93 mi) N/S
Width40 km (25 mi) E/W
Range coordinates1°15′N 37°15′E / 1.250°N 37.250°E / 1.250; 37.250Coordinates: 1°15′N 37°15′E / 1.250°N 37.250°E / 1.250; 37.250

The Matthews (or Mathews) Range, also known as the Lenkiyio Hills, is a range of mountains in Kenya, Africa.


The range is about 150 km long, oriented north-south. It is located in the Laikipia district of the Rift Valley Province in northern Kenya. The town of Wamba lies at the southeastern edge of the range.[1]


The highest point is Warges, at 2,688 metres (8,819 ft) above sea level, a peak located the southern end of the range, separated by a valley from the rest of the range.[2] The 1,809 metres (5,935 ft) high Ldoinyo Lenkiyo, 1,890 metres (6,200 ft) high Mathews Peak, 1,491 metres (4,892 ft) high Ilpisyon, 1,184 metres (3,885 ft) high Lolgek, 1,472 metres (4,829 ft) high Lomolok, 1,861 metres (6,106 ft) high Tipito and 1,289 metres (4,229 ft) m high Ilmara Muroi are located in the middle of the range.[1] There is also a breast-shaped hill locally known as Sweet Sixteen in the range.[3]


The area is isolated, and holds forests of juniper and cycads. It is home to elephants and other large mammals, and was one of the last places in northern Kenya to have wild Black Rhinos. The last Black Rhino in the Mathew's was poached out in the 1990s. The Mathew's are also home to the Samburu people. The mountain range is a sky island: surrounded by plains, with Ndoto Mountains to the north and the Karisia hills to the west. A number of the species in the Mathew's have evolved independently and the diversity of the forest is of great conservation value.[4] Part has been designated as a wildlife sanctuary.


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