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Iga may refer to:


  • Jadwiga (diminutive "Iga"), a female given name of Polish origin
  • Iga Cembrzyńska, a Polish actress
  • Iga Świątek, a Polish tennis player
  • Iga Wyrwał (also known as Eva or Eve), a Polish glamour model
  • Koji Igarashi (nicknamed "Iga"), a video game producer, known for his involvement with the Castlevania series
  • Yuji Iga (伊賀 裕治, born 1965), Japanese ice hockey player


  • Iga, Mie, a city in Mie Prefecture, Honshū island, Japan
  • Iga Province, an old province of Japan in the area that is today western Mie Prefecture
  • Iga Idunganran, the official residence of the Oba (king) of Lagos

Other uses[edit]

  • Iga (beetle), a genus of beetle in the family Carabidae
  • 8300 Iga (previously 1994 AO2), a main-belt asteroid
  • Iga-ryū (literally “the Iga School”), a school of ninjutsu

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